Walking Dead Quiz Questions

Walking Dead Quiz Questions

Question: Why was Rick Grimes in a coma at the beginning of the series?
Answer: He was shot

Question: What is Daryl Dixon’s iconic weapon of choice?
Answer: Crossbow

Question: What is the name of Lori’s baby, born during season 3?
Answer: Judith

Question: What type of animal is Shiva, King Ezekiel’s ferocious companion?
Answer: Tiger

Question: How did Carl lose his eye?
Answer: He was accidentally shot through the eye

Question: What does Negan call his trusty baseball bat?
Answer: Lucille

Question: What was the name of Hershel’s ranch hand who accidentally shot Carl?
Answer: Otis

Question: The two walkers that Michonne kept chained behind her were revealed to be her…?
Answer: Her boyfriend and his best friend

Question: How did Rick kill Shane?
Answer: Stabbed him in the chest

Question: How did Merle escape after being handcuffed and left for dead on a roof in Atlanta?
Answer: He cut off his own right hand

Question: Which characters refer to each other as husband and wife, even though we never saw an official wedding?
Answer: Maggie and Glenn

Question: What was The Governor’s fortified town called?
Answer: Woodbury

Question: Who does Andrea punish for taking her own choice away from her when she wanted to die?
Answer: Dale

Question: The occupants of Terminus were revealed to be…?
Answer: Cannibals

Question: What did CDC scientist Edwin Jenner whisper in Rick’s ear at the end of season 1?
Answer: ‘We’re all infected.’

Question: Why did Dale disagree with Rick before he died?
Answer: Rick wanted to kill Randall, so put it to a group vote

Question: Where did Hershel keep his friends and family members that had turned into Walkers?
Answer: In his barn

Question: What did Eugene tell people was his profession in order to make himself seem important?
Answer: Scientist

Question: What was the name of the disturbed young girl that Carol was forced to kill?
Answer: Lizzie

Question: Which two group members did Negan brutally kill at the end of season 6/start of season 7?
Answer: Abraham and Glenn

Question: Who does Maggie become an assistant to in the Alexandria Safe-Zone?
Answer: Deanna

Walking Dead Quiz Questions

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