15 Hard UK Pub Quiz Questions

UK Pub Quiz Questions for these Coronavirus days

15 Hard UK Pub Quiz Questions

Question 1:  Which Caribbean-born British author wrote the novels Voyage in the Dark and Wide Sargasso Sea?
Answer 1:  Jean Rhys

Question 2:  What name is given to the traditional Alpine women’s costume notable for its close-fitting bodice?
Answer 2:  Dirndl

Question 3:  Although he and his wife were too afraid to use it, US President Benjamin Harrison was the first to install what in the White House?
Answer 3:  Electricity – an engineer would be brought it every day to switch the lights off and on

Question 4:  The Koran is divided into 114 sections – what are these known as?
Answer 4:  Surahs

Question 5:  An attack on Nancy Kerrigan orchestrated by the ex-husband of her rival, Tonya Harding, sent a shockwave through which sport in 1994?
Answer 5:  Ice skating

Question 6: Pudong, meaning “east bank”, is the financial district of which city?
Answer 6: Shanghai

Question 7:  What was the name of the Smurfs’ evil nemesis?
Answer 7: Gargamel

Question 8: Granadilla is another name for which fruit?
Answer 8: Passion fruit

Question 9: Which US state’s official nickname is the Show-Me State?
Answer 9: Missouri

Question 10: Which Premier League club has the motto “Superbia in Proelia” (“Pride in Battle”) on their crest?
Answer 10: Manchester City

Question 11: The name of which country means “The Shallows”?
Answer 11: The Bahamas

Question 12: “Let us join in a cohort / We are ready to die” are lines from the chorus of which country’s national anthem?
Answer 12: Italy

Question 13: What pasta sauce derives its name from the Italian word for angry?
Answer 13: Arrabiata

Question 14: The Hindenburg Disaster occurred when a German Zeppelin airship tried to dock at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in which US state?
Answer 14: New Jersey

Question 15: What common factor links actors Ian McKellen, Julie Walters, Humphrey Bogart and Miley Cyrus?
Answer 15: They all have a “Bacon number” of 2 in the internet game sensation Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

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