True or False Questions

true or false questions

Today is true or false questions’ day. I prepared 20 true or false quiz questions for you.  These 20 questions prepared with love.

True or False Questions

1. True or false? Electrons are larger than molecules.
2. True or false? The Atlantic Ocean is the biggest ocean on Earth.
3. True or false? The chemical make up food often changes when you cook it.
4. True or false? Sharks are mammals.
5. True or false? The human body has four lungs.
6. True or false? Atoms are most stable when their outer shells are full.
7. True or false? Filtration separates mixtures based upon their particle size.
8. True or false? Venus is the closest planet to the Sun.
9. True or false? Conductors have low resistance.
10. True or false? Molecules can have atoms from more than one chemical element.
11. True or false? Water is an example of a chemical element.
12. True or false? The study of plants is known as botany.
13. True or false? Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in the world.
14. True or false? Floatation separates mixtures based on density.
15. True or false? Herbivores eat meat.
16. True or false? Atomic bombs work by atomic fission.
17. True or false? Molecules are chemically bonded.
18. True or false? Spiders have six legs.
19. True or false? Kelvin is a measure of temperature.
20. True or false? The human skeleton is made up of less than 100 bones.

True or False Quiz Answers

1. False
2. False – Pacific Ocean
3. True
4. False – Fish
5. False – 2
6. True
7. True
8. False – Mercury
9. True
10. True
11. False
12. True
13. False – Mount Everest
14. True
15. False
16. True
17. True
18. False – 8
19. True
20. False – 206

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