Stupid Quiz Questions

stupid quiz questions

İt is funny to solve and ask stupid quiz questions with friends. Some stupid quiz questions are very silly someone are funny.  There are more than 20 stupid quiz questions in this post. These stupid quiz questions are about American Laws, American live and funny stuations.

In 1926 why did Japan delete 800,000 feet from US films?
A: They showed Kissing

Playing what Randy Newman song on the radio is illegal in Maryland?
A: Short People

What safety device did cars built in Bennington have in the 1920s?
A: A Saint Christopher medal

In Wyoming in June it is illegal to take a picture of what?
A: A Rabbit

In what European city can you be jailed for not killing furry caterpillars?
A: Brussels

What was banned in Indonesia for stimulating passion?
A: Hula Hoops

Hugh Hefner’s jet plane was named what?
A: Big Bunny

According to Illinois State law it’s illegal to speak what language?
A: English because only American is legal.

What is 2 plus 2 equal?
Answer: 4

In North Carolina it’s illegal to do what?
A: Sing out of Tune

Is a square a rectangle,is a rectangle a square,neither one, or both?
A: Square is a rectangle

In Zion city Illinois it’s illegal to make ugly faces at who?
A: Anyone.

According to Sienna law it’s illegal for women with what name to be prostitutes?
A: Maria.

In what city is it illegal to eat in a restaurant that is on fire?
A: Chicago

In New York it’s illegal to teach your parrot to do what?
A: Squawk

Where is it illegal for a chicken to Cross the Road?
A: Quitman Georgia

In Russia by law after 10pm the homeless must be where?
A: At Home.

It’s illegal to kiss in Riverside California unless both people wipe their lips with what?
A: Rose Water.

What animal doesn’t have whiskers?
Answer: Fish

What is the plural form of foot?
Answer: Feet

Are you an idiot?

If you are wearing a Swimsuit in Florida in public, what is illegal for you to do?
Answer: Sing

What is it illegal to do in Israel on a Saturday?
A: Pick Your Nose

A Vancouver city law states that all cars must carry what?
A: An Anchor (for an emergency brake ).

In what city is it illegal for a woman to wear Pants ?
A: Tucson Arizona.

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