Royal Family Quiz Questions

There are 10 Royal Family Quiz Questions in this article.

Question: Who was Mary of Teck?
Answer: The Queen’s grandmother

Question: Besides Queen Elizabeth, who is the only other British monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee?
Answer: Queen Victoria

Question: What did Queen Elizabeth II do during World War II?
Answer: She joined the war effort.

Question: Where did Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip meet?
Answer: At school
This is kind of a trick question. Princess Elizabeth did meet her future husband at a school, but not one she attended. In 1939, she joined her parents on a tour of the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth. Her escort was none other than Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, her third cousin through Queen Victoria. His family had fled their homeland during the Greco-Turkish War when he was just a baby, and he’d since lived abroad before joining the Royal Navy.

Question: How did Queen Elizabeth II ascend to the throne?
Answer: Her uncle abdicated.

Question: Who did Prince Charles date before Princess Diana?
Answer: Her sister

Question: Who was the first royal to get divorced?
Answer: Princess Margaret

Question: What year was the Queen’s annus horribilis?
Answer: 1992

Question: Who was the first royal to compete in the Olympics?
Answer: Anne, Princess Royal

Question: Who is Prince Louis named after?
Answer: Lord Mountbatten

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