Quiz Questions and Answers 2020

How many quiz questions can you answer correctly? Check our 25 quiz questions and answers 2020 and write your score as a comment.

Question: In which movie is the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch a secret weapon?
Answer: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Question: Who did Charles Darwin replace on the £10 note in 2000?
Answer: Charles Dickens

Question: Which alternative calendar to our Gregorian one begins in 622?
Answer: The Islamic calendar

Question: At which famous London restaurant did Jamie Oliver cut his teeth en route to stardom?
Answer: River Cafe

Question: The first America’s Cup, run in 1851, was a contest to sail around which island?
Answer: Isle of Wight

Question: The island of Trinidad and Tobago is situated off the coast of which South American country?
Answer: Venezuela

Question: What was the value in modern money of the old coin called a crown?
Answer: 25p (five shillings)

Question: What was the name of the German parliament building burned down in 1933?
Answer: Reichstag

Question: What major change in British public life came into effect on 15 February 1971?
Answer: Decimalisation

Question: On 8 July 1982, Michael Fagan was arrested for breaking and entering which building?
Answer: Buckingham Palace (he got into the Queen’s bedroom)

Question: Which serving Prime Minister captained a winning British Admiral’s Cup team in the running of the famous yacht race in 1971?
Answer: Ted Heath

Question: How did Glaswegian John Smeaton become a national hero in 2007?
Answer: He was the ‘have-a-go’ baggage-handler who tackled fleeing terrorists at Glasgow airport

Question: What are the Moai?
Answer: Giant-headed statues on Easter Island

Question: Who manufactured the sports car racer the Sebring Sprite?
Answer: Austin-Healey

Question: The longest river in Canada, the Mackenzie, flows northeast into which body of water?
Answer: Arctic Ocean

Question: Which famous actor was known as ‘Little Spartacus’ at school?
Answer: Michael Douglas

Question: Which glamorous actress/singer was born Holly Vukadinovic?
Answer: Holly Valance

Question: Which word, now with a more general meaning of stuff or equipment, meant, in medieval times, a married woman’s possessions over which she held personal sway independently from her husband?
Answer: Paraphernalia

Question: What is the difference between the words biennial and biannual?
Answer: Biennial is every two years, biannual is twice every year

Question: What connects a bowyer and a fletcher?
Answer: Arrows; the name bowyer would once have meant a bow-maker or seller, while a fletcher was an arrow-maker

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