Pirates Of The Caribbean Quiz Questions

Question 1: According to Jack, what are the only two rules that really matter?
Answer 1: “What a man can do, and what a man can’t do”

Question 2: How does Jack react to the hanged pirates?
Answer 2: He holds his hat to his heart and salutes them

Question 3: How does Jack win his duel against Will?
Answer 3:He blinds him with sand

Question 4: According to Jack, what does the Black Pearl represent?
Answer 4: Freedom

Question 5: Where do Will and Jack recruit the rest of the crew?
Answer 5: Tortuga

Question 6: What’s the name of Barbossa’s monkey?
Answer 6: Jack

Question 7: How many shillings does Jack pay the harbormaster?
Answer 7: 3

Question 8: What creatures did Jack allegedly use to escape the island?
Answer 8: Sea turtles

Question 9: How does Jack get Elizabeth breathing again?
Answer 9: He cuts off her corset

Question 10: How many years in the past does the prologue take place?
Answer 10: 8

Question 11: The treasure is made up of how many pieces?
Answer 11: 882

Question 12: According to Norrington, what fate does every pirate deserve?
Answer 12: “A short drop and a sudden stop”

Question 13: What title does Elizabeth’s father hold?
Answer 13: Governor

Question 14: What does Jack promise Anamaria to get her to join the crew?
Answer 14: The Interceptor

Question 15: Who wrote the pirate Code?
Answer 15: Morgan & Bartholomew

Question 16: How many hours a day does Will practice with swords?
Answer 16: 3

Question 17: It’s said that only what people can find the Isla de Muerta?
Answer 17: “Those who already know where it is”

Question 18: To whom was the treasure originally given?
Answer 18: Hernan Cortes

Question 19: How long was Jack marooned on the island during his first stay?
Answer 19: Three days

Question 20: When does Will declare his love for Elizabeth?
Answer 20: At Jack’s hanging

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