History Pub Quiz Questions

Question: Which British monarch succeeded Queen Victoria?
Answer: Edward VII

Question: Richard III died at which battle?
Answer: Bosworth Field

Question: Who was the last Viceroy of India?
Answer: Lord Louis Mountbatten

Question: Which English monarch married Eleanor of Aquitaine?
Answer: Henry II

Question: Who was the last wife of Henry VIII?
Answer: Catherine Parr

Question: Which country did Britain fight in the War of Jenkins’ Ear?
Answer: Spain

Question: Which King George did the Prince Regent become?
Answer: George IV

Question: At the Siege of Mafeking who led the British forces?
Answer: Robert Baden-Powell

Question: The House of Lancaster kings were all called what?
Answer: Henry

Question: Under what name is Gregor Efimovich better known?
Answer: Rasputin

Question: Apart from Mad George which kinder nickname did George HI have?
Answer: Farmer George

Question: Which English queen married Prince George of Denmark?
Answer: Queen Anne

Question: Blucher commanded which country’s troops at the Battle of Waterloo?
Answer: Prussia

Question: Who had a horse called Bucephalus?
Answer: Alexander the Great

Question: Queen Elizabeth II’s grandfather was which monarch?
Answer: George V

Question: Who was the Wisest Fool in Christendom?
Answer: James I (James VI of Scotland)

Question: Who was the first Prince of Wales?
Answer: Edward (later Edward II)

Question: Whose last words are reputed to be “My neck is very slender”?
Answer: Anne Boleyn

Question: Which Spanish king sent his unsuccessful Armada?
Answer: Philip H

Question: Which monarch was murdered in Berkeley Castle?
Answer: Edward II

Question: In what year did Edward VIII abdicate?
Answer: 1936

Question: In Britain, who first held the office that today is known as Prime Minister?
Answer: Robert Walpole

Question: In the 15th century which Duke was drowned in Malmsey wine?
Answer: Clarence

Question: Who ruled England between Henry I and Henry II?
Answer: Stephen

Question: How did Lord Kitchener die?
Answer: He drowned

Question: Who with royal connections had the middle name, Warfield?
Answer: Mrs. Wallis Simpson

Question: In 1066 how many monarchs ruled England in the year?
Answer: Three

Question: Which ruler referred the English to a nation of shopkeepers?
Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte

Question: Which monarch ordered the execution of Sir Walter Raleigh?
Answer: James I

Question: Which wife gave Henry VIII the male heir that he wanted?
Answer: Jane Seymour

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