Football Quiz Questions and Answers – 1

Football quiz questions and answers, here is our first Football quiz questions and answers part one. You can ask these questions to friend at pub, home ..etc.

Football Quiz Questions and Answers – 1

Question 1: Billy Wright, the first footballer in the world to earn 100 international caps, spent his whole career at which football club?
Answer 1: Wolverhampton Wanderers

Question 2: Which two clubs play in the M23 derby?
Answer 2: Brighton and Crystal Palace

Question 3: Ryan Giggs is the new Wales football manager, but in which sport was his father Danny Wilson a Welsh international?
Answer 3: Rugby League

Question 4: In 2005, which two Newcastle United team-mates were sent off for fighting against each other in United’s Premiership match with Aston Villa?
Answer 4: Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer

Question 5: As of 2017, which European football club has supplied a player in the starting line-up of every World Cup final since 1982?
Answer 5: Bayern Munich

Question 6: Which retail billionaire became owner of Newcastle United in 2007?
Answer 6: Mike Ashley (owner of Sports Direct)

Question 7: Three teams have sat at the top of the Premier League only to be relegated in the same season; can you name them?
Answer 7: Charlton (1998/99), Bolton (2011/12), and Hull City (2016/17)

Question 8: Which adhesive manufacturer sponsors two English association football leagues at levels 7–8 of the English football league system?
Answer 8: Evo-Stik

Question 9: Name the top Premier League goalscorer to never have been capped for his country? (Hint: he now has a son named Tyrese playing for Stoke City)
Answer 9: Kevin Campbell

Question 10: Four Manchester United players have won the European Footballer of the Year award; can you name them?
Answer 10: Denis Law (1964), Bobby Charlton (1966), George Best (1968), and Cristiano Ronaldo (2008)

Question 11: Jamie Carragher made his first team debut for Liverpool under which manager?
Answer 11: Roy Evans (in 1997)

Question 12: In the 2018/19 Premier League, starting with the lowest, which three clubs had the smallest stadium capacities?
Answer 12: Bournemouth (Vitalty Stadium -11,464), Burnley (Turf Moor – 21,401) and Watford (Vicarage Road – 23,700)

Question 13: As of December 2018, name the four football managers to manage in the Premier League at the age of over 70?
Answer 13: Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Bobby Robson, Roy Hodgson and Neil Warnock

Question 14: Which Russian footballer, nicknamed the “Black Panther”, is widely regarded as the greatest goalkeeper in the history of the sport?
Answer 14: Lev Yashin

Question 15: What was introduced for the first time by trainer Donald Colman in the 1920s at Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen?
Answer 15: Dugouts (also, in 1978, Pittodrie became the second all-seated stadium in Great Britain)

Question 16: Which British team defeated Barcelona both home and away in a 1966/67 European Cup competition and also reached the semi-final of the 1984 European Cup?
Answer 16: Dundee United

Question 17: What’s different about the recently launched limited edition Subbuteo table football set featuring Arsenal and Chelsea teams?
Answer 17: The figures are female

Question 18: England first entered the Football World Cup in 1950; how many tournaments have they failed to qualify for since then?
Answer 18: Three (1974 (West Germany), 1978 (Argentina) and 1994 (United States))

Question 19: Who once said: “Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.”?
Answer 19: Gary Lineker

Question 20: Name the football club with which Jose Mourinho first became a top-tier manager?
Answer 20: Benfica

Question 21: Can you name the only footballer born before 1960 to score a Premier League hat-trick (Hint: The Premier League was founded in 1992)?
Answer 21: Gordon Strachan

Question 22: If it was Naranjito in 1982, and Juanito in 1970, what was it in 1966?
Answer 22: World Cup Willie (World Cup host mascots)

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