Easy Pub Quiz Questions 2020

1. Which was Disney’s second animated film? Pinocchio
2. What is the tallest existing mammal? Giraffe
3. What was Al Capone arrested for? Tax Evasion
4. Which planet is called both the morning and evening star? Venus
5. On which river is Niagara Falls? Niagara
6. How many strings has a Ukulele? 4
7. Which snooker player was also known as the Hurricane? Alex Higgins
8. What is the main ingredient of risotto? Rice
9. Who did Bill Clinton beat when he stood for president first time round(1992)? George Bush
10. Which city is also known as ‘The Big Apple’? New York
11. In Rugby, what did Warrington add to their name in the 1990’s? Wolves
12. Which of the seven dwarfs has the longest name? Bashful
13. What is the minimum age that you may legally purchase fireworks in England? 18
14. What was Beethoven’s first name? Ludwig
15. In Thunderbirds what type of car does Lady Penelope own? Rolls Royce
16. What is the currency of Pakistan? Rupee
17. In Morse Code, which letter is represented by a single dot? E
18. In what month is Hogmanay celebrated? December
19. Which country is the largest producer of cheese? USA
20. Boss Hog featured in which TV series? The Dukes of Hazard

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