Coffee Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Coffee is a daily drink for ___% of US adults.

A. 10%
B. 45%
C. 80%

2. People began drinking coffee…

A. During WWI
B. In the time of Christ
C. In the 9th Century

3. Dark roasted coffee beans have…

A. Richer flavor
B. Less caffeine
C. Both

4. Goat herders invented coffee after they…

A. Had trouble staying awake all night
B. Noticed that eating coffee berries made their goats very lively
C. Ran out of tea

5. When you drink coffee, the caffeine is effective in your bloodstream…

A. Instantly
B. Within half-an-hour
C. Within ten minutes

6. More than ___ countries produce coffee.

A. 100
B. 25
C. 50

7. Inhaling coffee is a form of aromatherapy that can…

A. Startle your senses
B. Perk you up instantly
C. Both

8. There are over ___ coffee farmers around the world.

A. Twenty-five million
B. One-hundred-thousand
C. Fifty-thousand

9. Coffee became a popular drink with newcomers to North America when…

A. The indigenous people taught them about coffee
B. The Boston Tea Party made tea hard to come by
C. Shepherds noticed that eating coffee beans made goats lively

10. Only ___ beats coffee as a traded commodity.

A. Water
B. Oil
C. Corn

11. Adding milk to coffee…

A. Slows the digestive processes
B. Mitigates the effect of caffeine
C. Both

12. In Italy, during the 16th century coffee was banned as being…

A. Over-stimulating
B. Satanic
C. Unhealthy

13. People pay $600 per pound for coffee beans that have been…

A. Stomped on by peasants
B. Eaten and excreted whole by a wild-cat
C. Ground into a powerful concentrated powder

14. The meaning of the term “espresso” is…

A. Forced out
B. Expressive
C. Under pressure

15. Pope Clement VII was a big coffee fan, so he…

A. Served coffee at Mass
B. Had coffee baptized
C. Only let clergy members drink coffee

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