Brexit Quiz Questions and Answers

Who was the face of the 2018 campaign for The People’s Vote?
A) Sir Patrick Stewart
B) Dame Judi Dench
C) Sir Ian McKellen
C) Dame Helen Mirren

Who replaced David Davis as Brexit secretary in July 2018?
A) Dominic Rabb
B) Jacob Rees-Mogg
C) Michael Gove
D) Amber Rudd

Who is the President of the European Commission?
A) Angela Merkel
B) Donald Tusk
C) Ursula von der Leyen
D) Jean-Claude Junckker

Which area had the highest proportion of Remain voters in the 2016 EU referendum?
A) Islington
B) Bristol
C) Gibraltar
D) Hackney

When did David Cameron step down as Prime Minister?
A) June 24 2016
B) July 11 2016
C) December 31 2016
D) June 8 2017

Who is the lead negotiator for the European Union?
A) Jean-Claude Junckker
B) Sophie Wilmes
C) Donald Tusk
D) Michel Barnier

Who said negotiating a post-Brexit free-trade deal with the EU should be the “easiest in human history”?
A) Liam Fox
B) Dominic Rabb
C) Boris Johnson
D) Theresa May

Which MP brought forward the bill which required the government to seek a Brexit deadline extension form the EU in the event that a no deal?

A) Hilary Benn
B) Ian Blackford
C) Jo Swinson
D) Anna Soubry

Who did Boris Johnson say he would like to watch eat a Kangaroo testicle?
A) Jeremy Corbyn
B) Theresa May
C) John Bercow
D) Donald Tusk

Which court decided it was “unlawful” to prorogue Parliament from early September?
A) High Court
B) Supreme Court
C) Crown Court
D) Magistrates Court

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