American Quiz Questions and Answers – 3

American quiz questions and answers, here is our first America’s quiz questions and answer part three. You can ask these questions to friend at pub, home ..etc.

American Quiz Questions and Answers – 3

Question 1: The Hollywood Sign is located on which mountain in the Hollywood Hills?
Answer 1: Mount Lee

Question 2: Which leader is widely regarded as second only to Geronimo in terms of the Apache tribe’s historical significance?
Answer 2: Cochise

Question 3: Which river flows through the Grand Canyon?
Answer 3: Colorado River

Question 4: Which major political party is represented by the Donkey logo?
Answer 4: The Democratic Party

Question 5: In which city was there a fire in 1871 which razed several square miles and left more than 100,000 homeless?
Answer 5: Chicago

Question 6: Which Californian city has the nickname ‘Capital of Silicon Valley’?
Answer 6: San Jose

Question 7: Who was commander of the Apollo 13 space mission?
Answer 7: James Lovell

Question 8: What name is given to the natural region of tropical wetlands in the southern portion of Florida?
Answer 8: The Everglades

Question 9: Which state has the second longest coastline?
Answer 9:  Florida

Question 10: How many colonies declared independence in 1776?
Answer 10: 13 (also represented by 13 stripes on the American flag)

Question 11: In which city would you fly from George Bush Intercontinental Airport?
Answer 11: Houston

Question 12: Which city is known for it’s hilliness, cable cars and colourful Victorian houses?
Answer 12: San Francisco

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