American Quiz Questions and Answers -1

American quiz questions and answers, here is our first America’s quiz questions and answer part one. You can ask these questions to friend at pub, home ..etc.

American Quiz Questions and Answers -1

Question 1: The 1947 Roswell UFO incident happened in which U.S. state?
Answer 1:  New Mexico

Question 2: Who was the first female African-American secretary of state?
Answer 2: Condoleezza Rice

Question 3: Who was governor of Alaska from 2006 until 2009?
Answer 3: Sarah Palin

Question 4: In which month of 1941 did Japan launch a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor?
Answer 4: December

Question 5: How many stars were on American flags in World War Two?
Answer 5: 48 stars (since Alaska and Hawaii were not yet U.S. states)

Question 6: Which American city is home to the Liberty Bell?
Answer 6: Philadelphia

Question 7: Name the state capital of Louisiana?
Answer 7: Baton Rouge

Question 8: What great construction is located near near Boulder City, Nevada?
Answer 8: The Hoover Dam

Question 9: Who was commander of the Alamo garrison at the Battle of the Alamo?
Answer 9: William B. Travis

Question 10: In 1992, the Rodney King riots occurred in which American city?
Answer 10: Los Angeles

Question 11: Bill Clinton served as governor of which American state?
Answer 11: Arkansas

Question 12: Samuel Langhorne Clemens is better known by what name?
Answer 12: Mark Twain

Question 13: Sioux Falls and Deadwood are in which American state?
Answer 13: South Dakota

Question 14: Harvard University is in which American state?
Answer 14: Massachusetts

Question 15: What is the Will Rogers Highway better known as?
Answer 15: Route 66

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