20 Easy Quiz Questions 2

Here is easy quiz questions part two. You can find easyly quiz questions and answer.

20 Easy Quiz Questions 2

Question 1: Which American city was also the title of a 2002 Oscar-winning film starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere?
Answer 1: Chicago

Question 2: Glyndebourne is associated with which type of music?
Answer 2: Opera

Question 3: The Clifton Suspension Bridge spans which river?
Answer 3:

Question 4: What item, useful in the rain, provided the title of a hit single of Rihanna?
Answer 4: Avon

Question 5: Prior to joining the euro, what was the currency of Spain?
Answer 5: Peseta

Question 6: Which joint connects the foot to the leg?
Answer 6: Ankle

Question 7: Aintree racecourse is in which city?
Answer 7: Liverpool

Question 8: Which fortification stretches from Bowness-on-Solway to Wallsend?
Answer 8: Handrian’s Wall

Question 9: Which Olympic sport takes place in a velodrome?
Answer 9: Cycling

Question 10: Coniston Water and Derwent Water are part of which UK National Park?
Answer 10: The Lake District

Question 11: The Balti Triangle is an area of which British city?
Answer 11: Birmingham

Question 12: St. Mungo’s Cathedral is in which Scottish city?
Answer 12: Glasgow

Question 13: Which English county is known as ‘Shakespeare’s County’?
Answer 13: Warwickshire

Question 14: Spearker’s Corner is a feature of which London park?
Answer 14: Hyde Park

Question 15: What name is shared by a brass musical instrument and a type of ice-cream cone?
Answer 15: Cornet

Question 16: In London, what are Tate Modern, Tate Britain and White Cube?
Answer 16: Art galleries

Question 17: Harley Street in London is commonly associated with which profession?
Answer 17: Medicine

Question 18: The Derby is held at which English racecourse?
Answer 18: Epsom

Question 19: What is the national flower of Wales?
Answer 19: Daffodil

Question 20: Ringway airport serves which British city?
Answer 20: Manchester

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