20 Easy Quiz Questions 1

20 Easy Quiz Questions 1

Here is easy quiz questions part one. You  can find easyly quiz questions and answer.

20 Easy Quiz Questions 1

Question 1: The cricket ground Trent Bridge is in which English city?
Answer 1: Nottingham

Question 2: Which of tennis’ four major championships is played on clay?
Answer 2:French Open

Question 3: The Soap opera ‘Brookside’ was set in which city?
Answer 3: Liverpool

Question 4: R.I. are the initials of which American state?
Answer 4:Rhode Island

Question 5: By population, what is the largest city in Scotland?
Answer 5: Glasgow

Question 6: Freestyle and Greco-Roman are disciplines of which Olympic sport?
Answer 6: Wrestling

Question 7: The guilder was the former currency of which European country?
Answer 7:The Netharlands

Question 8: Which northern English city was known in Roman times as Deva?
Answer 8: Chester

Question 9: A pug is a breed of which domestic pet?
Answer 9: Dog

Question 10: A round of championship golf consists of how many holes?
Answer 10: 18

Question 11: What does the ‘MI’ in ‘MI6’ stand for?
Answer 11:Military Intelligence

Question 12: The province of Rioja, which gives its name to the famous drink, is in which country?
Answer 12: Spain

Question 13: Ibrox Stadium and Celtic Park are football grounds in which British city?
Answer 13: Glasgow

Question 14: Which outdoor sport is played at Lord’s?
Answer 14: Cricket

Question 15: What colour beret is worn by members of the Royal Marines?
Answer 15: Green

Question 16: The Latin phrase ‘Utrinque Paratus’ is the motto of which regiment of the British Army?
Answer 16: Parachute Regiment

Question 17: Quebec is a province in which Commonwealth country?
Answer 17: Canada

Question 18: Calcio is the Italian word for which sport?
Answer 18: Football

Question 19: In terms of area, what is the largest country in South America?
Answer 19: Brazil

Question 20: Which European capital city is known in its native language as Praha?
Answer 20: Prague

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