14 FIFA World Cup Quiz Questions

Question: The World Cup in 1998 was held in France, where the host nation beat Brazil in the final. In third place was a country that made its first appearance in the World Cup and in fact didn’t exist a decade earlier. Who finished third?
Answer: Croatia

Formerly a part of Yugoslavia, Croatia became a recognized independent country in 1992. Their biggest star in the 1998 world cup was Davor Suker who was also the tournament’s top scorer with six goals in seven games.

Question: The first World Cup tournament was held in 1930. The host of the joust – Uruguay – won the final with the result of 4-2. Who did they play against?
Answer: Argentina

Uruguay had trailed 1-2 at the half time, but in the end they managed to win. The following day was declared a national holiday in the country. Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires a rabble threw stones at the Uruguayan consulate.

Question: The first World Cup Series was played in Uruguay in 1930. Which team came up, up and grabbed the Cup?
Answer: Uruguay

Argentina and Uruguay were the finalists in the first World Cup. Argentina was dominant in the first half but the Uruguayans were encouraged and mobilised by their captain’s half-time talk. The team rose to the occasion, restored their lead and with one minute remaining Hector Castro made it clear that the Uruguayans would be the first team to rise up, up to take the Cup. Football’s most coveted prize was proudly held by Nasazzi as the team players cried for joy.

Question:  A is for Argentina. Argentina won their first World Cup when they hosted the World Cup finals in 1978. They successfully came out on top of a second round group to reach the final. That second round group consisted of Brazil, Poland and what other nation?
Answer: Peru

Group 2 of the 1978 World Cup proved to be one of the most controversial in history. With Brazil beating Peru, Argentina beating Poland, and a tempered 0-0 scoreline between Brazil and Argentina, goal difference was the most likely decider of who would go on to contest the final. Going into the third an dfinal round of matches in the group, everything was tense. Although the last games were supposed to be played at the same time, Argentina’s game with Peru was stalled until after Brazil’s victory over Poland was completed. Argentina then knew they would have to beat Peru by at least 4 goals to reach the final. With many controversial thoughts surrounding the situation, Argentina won the game 6-0, before going on to beat the Netherlands in the final.
Argentina won the World Cup in 1978 and 1986.

Question: Who scored the highest number of goals in World Cups 2002 and 2006 combined?
Answer: Luis Ronaldo

Ronaldo scored 8 goals in 2002 and 3 goals in 2006. Klose scored 5 each in 2002 and 2006.

Question: What was the score in the opening match of France ’98 between Brazil and Scotland?
Answer: 2-1

Brazil went on to get all the way to the final, losing 3-0 to hosts France, while Scotland were eliminated in the group stage.

Question: Which country had the honour of hosting the first World Cup in 1930?
Answer: France

Despite the threat of war in Europe, France was chosen to host the third World Cup.

Question: What was the score between Brazil and Italy in the 1970 Final?
Answer: Brazil 4-1 Italy

It was 4-1 to Brazil with Carlos Alberto scoring the winner and one of the greatest goals.

Question: Italy came second in the fabulous World Cup of 1970. Who won it?
Answer: Brazil

Pele shone for Brazil and this great side beat Italy 4-1

Question: Who was the first Argentinian player to participate in 4 consecutive World Cup tournaments?
Answer: Diego Armando Maradona

Diego participated in the 1982, 1986 , 1990 and 1994 tournaments. He become star and hero in 1986 leading Argentina to a second success. He scored 5 memorable goals during the entire tournament and made the ‘magical assist pass’ to Burruchaga in the final against the Germans. Against England during the quarterfinals he scored 2 goals, one by using his hand and the other by outpassing 5 opponents.

Question: Which country was the first to win two World Cups?
Answer: Italy

Italy had two victories in 1934 and 1938, giving them the honour of being the first team to achieve this feat.

Question: 2002 was the 17th World Finals tournament. Of those 17 Finals, how many World Cup Finals have gone into shoot-outs?
Answer: 1

Brazil beat Italy 3-2 in a shoot-out in 1994.

Question: He was captain and midfield general behind West Germany’s success at the 1990 World Cup. The archetypical German footballer, he combined power, pace and skill with a ruthless eye for goal. He scored a brilliant goal against Yugoslavia and added three more as West Germany lifted the trophy in 1990. He was also in the side that reached the 1986 final and was captain again at the 1994 World Cup finals. Which legend are we talking about?

Answer: Lothar Matthaues

English fans will remember Matthaeus’ sporting arm around the shoulder of Chris Waddle after the latter’s penalty miss gave West Germany victory in the semi-final shootout in 1990. He retired shortly after Germany’s poor showing in Euro 2000.

Question:  In which of these World Cup finals did both finalists suffer a defeat earlier in the finals tournament?

A) Italy v W. Germany 3-1 (1982)
B) Brazil v Italy 0-0 (1994)
C) W. Germany v Netherlands 2-1 (1974)
D) Argentina v Netherlands 3-1 (1978)

Answer: Argentina v Netherlands 3-1 (1978)

The Argentinians lost to the Italians by 1-0 and the Dutch lost to the Scots by 3-2 (remember the fantastic goal by Archie Gemmill?).

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